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At Project Initiation:

This is the most cost effective time to engage security analysis: when you are planning the project, that is when you need to start planning for security. Every dollar you budget for security at this point can save you hundreds in retrofitting protections after your system is operational. It is also the ideal time to start, giving you the best information protection with the least impact on your business processes. Build your reputation and your users’ trust from the ground up.

After Design and Before Implementation:

There is still time to get best information protection with the least impact on your processes. It will cost a little more but you will be covered by identifying and closing any gaps that exist in information security before you connect it to any public networks and your users start to trust you with their personal information, or you load in your business secrets. It still allows you to build your reputation for protecting your users’ information and continue to build their trust.

After Implementation, Just Before Rollout:

As a final check before implementation, an independent validation of the threats and risks is an inexpensive way to assure yourself that you are protected. Clean up any missing assessments or documentation, test your mitigated vulnerabilities, document your policies and procedures, plan a response for security violations, cover off any zero-day critical vulnerabilities – we can help with all that.

After Rollout:

If you are planning an upgrade, coping with a changing corporate environment, responding to new internet threats, recovering after a network intrusion, - whatever the need, we are here to help. We will show you how to get the most out of your security dollars and take you all the way from the initial sensitivity analysis to the in-service security violation process.

When Your Organization Has Become Inefficient:

If you are waiting too long for reports, if you are having to e-mail files around the world for review, comment, approval or just for information, and your profits are being eaten away by having to support multiple computing environments at multiple sites, then we can help. This is when you need to start looking at a cloud computing environment. One set of applications with one set of databases servicing all your employees and clients safely and inexpensively any time of day from anywhere in the world– that is the way to go.

When You Don’t Personally Know All Your Employees And Clients:

There is no way you can know everyone personally. Today’s customers are more demanding than they have ever been. They want electronic access to support, they want to buy goods and pay bills online, and they want to be able to do business with you from the comfort of their own living room. So how do you know it is a real customer of yours who is logging into your network? Identity Management! Identity Management means you are sure it is your customer, you are sure he has access to what he needs and not to what he does not need, that he can access his account but not your confidential product information. Identity Management is how you control access across all your systems, prove to yourself that he is a real customer, give him the access he needs so that he keeps coming back, and do it all at less cost than before.

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