Risk Manager Courses at Le Plaza hotel, in Brussels, Belgium from 24-26 Nov 2014

A Success!

Congratulations! All participants who attended the ISO 27005 Risk Manager training in Brussels on November 24, 2014 have passed the exam.

NISKAA Group in collaboration with Sabytel Technologies is organizing a three day training for Certified ISO 27005/31010 Risk Manager Course at Le Plaza hotel, in Brussels, Belgium running from 24-26 Nov 2014.
To take advantage of this opportunity and to book your place contact Support@niskaa.com.
For more information regarding NISKAA Group, please visit www.niskaa.com .

Certified ISO 27005 Risk Manager and IEC/ISO 31010 Risk Assessment Methodologies (3 Days)
In this three-day intensive course, the participants develop the competence to master the basic risk management elements related to all assets of relevance for information security using the ISO/IEC 27005:2011 and IEC/ISO 31010:2009 standards as a reference framework. Based on practical exercises and case studies, participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform an optimal information security risk assessment and manage risks in time by being familiar with their life cycle. This training fits perfectly in the framework of an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard implementation process.

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