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Today’s business environment is changing and you need to change with it. A bigger Business to Business (B2B) internet presence would go a long way towards reducing your cost of doing business while increasing your bottom line and keeping you competitive.

How can you securely increase your E-Business while every day, more and more major corporations are being hacked and penetrated by cyber criminals, corporate spies and dedicated hacktivists? How can you be more open to the electronic age while better protecting yourself at the same time?

You need to protect yourself and the right Information Security plan can help. NISKAA Group provides the experience, knowledge and tools you need to enable your business to processes safely and securely while you expand your internet presence.

NISKAA Group believes that security should Enable Business, not strangle it. We believe you should be free to use today’s technology without having to close the doors to your clients and suppliers. We know that you need to eliminate unauthorized access, whether it be hackers looking to deface your web presence or even corporate espionage while maintaining the ability to let your clients in. We will help you to build your security plan from the ground up and enable you and your business to:

  • Identify the information you need to protect;
  • Build Identity Management into your corporate systems;
  • Reduce your cost of computing through cloud based tools;
  • Realize where your threats are coming from, identify your vulnerabilities and risks;
  • Provide risk mitigation strategies for security/business trade-offs that are effective and not just for show;
  • Inform your employees of security best practices in a manner that encourages compliance and provide training to your staff to enable them to better manage security for your business;
  • Build the ability to respond quickly and effectively to security breaches at any level;
  • Plan business continuity in the event of a disaster;
  • Conform to regulatory compliance with separation of duties, privacy, confidentiality, etc;
  • Assess your state of readiness for E-Business; and
  • Analyze and provide safeguard measures associated with your corporate physical security posture.

This allows you to:

  • Develop policies that work for you;
  • Keep the good will you’ve built up over the years by protecting your clients’ information;
  • Protect your market share through better protected, more open networks; and
  • Protect yourself against exposure of your sensitive business information.

The sensitivity of the information you collect and generate will vary depending on a number of factors. NISKAA Group analyzes the information types you hold and process to determine criticality to you, your clients and your business partners. We use methodologies that were prepared and practiced by police and military organizations to protect their own information from the most knowledgeable and well-funded adversaries around the world.

In order to pinpoint your risks, you have to know:

  • who/what are your threats;
  • where you are vulnerable;
  • who your adversaries are;
  • what their motivation is; and
  • what their capabilities are.

We analyze your networks and provide insight into where you are most likely to be attacked, where you need to patch your network, how you are likely to be attacked, who is your biggest threat actor and what he is capable of doing.

Network security is not absolute. At the end of the day, there are always risks that need to be mitigated with all electronic data whether it is coming in from the internet, processed within your own networks or even stored in your locked, secure, server rooms. We provide you with industry best practices for mitigating any remaining risks while allowing you to reach out and touch more clients, more suppliers and more partners.

Good security practices are usually difficult to implement, monitor and enforce. The concepts are simple and everyone can be made aware of them, but compliance usually falls by the wayside when expediency is required or deadlines are near. We take industry best security practices and make them work for you and your employees. For example, when a password manager is available, your employees are much less likely to write their password down and tape it to the bottom of their phone.

Security incident response is important for minimizing any damaging leaks, highlighting and correcting any weak security areas, preventing similar future breaches and showing management commitment to a secure processing environment. We can show you how to maximize all of these in the event that a breach does occur.

In today’s society, disasters come from any place, any time and can strike with force. Whether an ice storm takes out your communications, a power outage prevents you from taking orders, or a virus has all your employees at one of your branch offices off work, you still need to conduct business as usual. We plan for these types of situations, and ensure that you are able to carry on despite the disaster.

Customers today are internet savvy, know their legal rights and are empowered to take action against companies that they believe are negligent in protecting their personal information. Governments around the world are enacting new laws to protect that same information with serious consequences for non-compliance. We understand those concerns, and can show you how to protect yourself and your business while keeping the good will you have built up with your client base.

Can your business take orders over the internet? Can you digitally sign requisitions or statements? Are you able to trade confidential documents with your partners over lines owned by a third party? NISKAA Group can develop an environment that lets you do all that and more using tomorrow’s technology today.

Security policies are established based on how you do business, who you are working for, what you value most and who wants to attack you. Not all are the same for all businesses and your continued security depends on ones that work for your business and that your employees will follow. We give you enabling processes, not template rules.

You are heavily invested in client satisfaction. Your bottom line depends on repeat customers and a good reputation. You are an industry leader in your field, and known as a source for business excellence. A weak firewall, an easily cracked encryption scheme, a careless employee or a compromised offsite backup storage site can destroy that good will you have built up over the years by exposing a massive amount of personal client or partner confidential information. At NISKAA Group, we provide you with the tools that prevent breaches so you can keep your good name.

If you are conducting business today you are doing it over the internet. You cannot escape it. Your market share is dependent on reaching your customers in the way they buy goods and services, not the way you would like to sell them. We help you build and keep that market share by giving you the tools you need to reach your customers in their homes, their offices, their local coffee shops and even on the bus. We help you do it over public networks without fear of exposing their information.

What is worse than exposing personal information to hackers – Exposing corporate secrets to commercial spies! What makes your business profitable is essential to your continued existence as a business entity. If a competitor got hold of your business secrets, you could lose your market edge and the customers that kept you up there. We understand sensitive information and how best to protect it which allows you to focus on an outward view instead of a defensive one.

If you are supporting more than 2 or 3 systems or you are letting your clients access your network to place orders, pay invoices, or request support, you need identity management. You need to know without a doubt that the person accessing your resources is in fact who they say they are and they have the right to access your systems. You need access security and accountability and identity management can give you that.

Cloud based computing can save your distributed company money in many ways. Your cost of support goes down as you start to decommission local branch computing centers, the cost of customer support is reduced with a completely homogenous computing solution between branch offices, you no longer have to endure synchronization between branch databases, there is no more e-mailing files around for comment or review. You simply log into your cloud and all your applications, databases and files are there for your use safely and securely, wherever in the world you may be. Simple, safe, effective and efficient.

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