The NISKAA Group IT Services Team

Welcome to NISKAA Group

The ICT Security Services Team of NISKAA Group is made up of a group of highly trained, dedicated and experienced security analysts with experience within the Government of Canada and private sector organizations as well as within Europe. Together, we provide qualified end-to-end IT security management and expertise, from initial planning and assessment, through design and implementation to installation, in-service support and event monitoring. We bring to the table skills such as risk management, identity management, cloud computing, and security analysis and design.

Our ISO Certified Lead Implementers, Lead Auditors and trainers have been through an extremely rigorous selection process during which nothing was neglected. On top of being ISO-certified, our trainers have multiple Master’s Degrees. They are perfectly bilingual or trilingual and adapt themselves to the needs and preferences of each participant. Since we welcome a wide and diverse group of executives coming from different cultures, our trainers are extremely flexible. They are very good educators who take to heart the success of each and every participant and they will assist your organization to obtain the required ISO certification.

NISKAA Group maintains a pool of highly qualified and experienced resources which are available to provide a vast knowledge base of ICT Security and IT Management services. All of our consultants have been screened and their level of expertise validated.

Our resources hold the required European and NATO security clearances. This diversified team of resources is available to NISKAA Group's clients ensuring that the right resource is available to your needs.

We serve both the public and private sectors and we have provided security analysis for all of the above companies and government departments.

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