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Cross functional, dedicated, highly trained, certified and experienced security analysts working as a team to give you decades of hands-on experience in Cybersecurity, Scada, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation.


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Working individually or as a team, we provide you with the necessary expertise and the right skills to fit your project needs, build exceptional business relationships and enable you to face and conquer technological challenges.


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We support the concept of national and international standards compliance for all businesses and approach IT security and management processes using industry established methodologies and practices.

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New for 2023! Push the boundaries of your cyber defence capabilities and dominate the digital battlefield with Niskaa’s cutting-edge cyber range service, where the sky’s the limit for your team’s training and experimentation.

Investing in cyber range services is a vital step for any organization looking to protect itself from the ever-evolving threat landscape. A cyber range is a simulated environment that mimics real-world network systems and allows security teams to test and train their response to a wide range of cyber attacks. By providing a safe and controlled environment for security teams to practice identifying, containing, and mitigating cyber threats, cyber range services help organizations to improve their overall security posture. Additionally, these services can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization, such as simulating specific industries, regulatory requirements or even tailored threat scenarios. The value of investing in cyber range services is clear: it allows organizations to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors, ultimately reducing the risk of a costly data breach or other security incidents.

Niskaa’s Cyber Range Staff has begun booking Q1 2023 consultations and demonstrations. Contact to schedule yours.


Cybersecurity Program
From initial security planning through implementation, assessment, certification and monitoring…
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Identifying and managing IT security risks enables corporate management to make informed business decisions…
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The discovery of new vulnerabilities every day requires constant vigilance and built-in resilience...
Compliance​ Services
Compliance is a critical component for any cybersecurity program. Organizations such as ISO, ENISA, NIST, BSI ...

ISO Certifications


Your business holds critical information assets and sometimes that of your clients, that need to be kept confidential and intact, and at the same time accessible to maintain commercial advantage. A successful leak can result in significant costs for data recovery, remediation and lost opportunities. Sometimes your business may even be subject to civil damages if you cannot show that it protected your clients’ information appropriately. The use of established cloud services can help, but ultimately, the accountability for information protection is yours. One of the ways that you can show due diligence in protection of information is through certification to international security standards like ISO.


In partnership with the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), we provide individuals with training in various ISO standards through courses that are prepared by industry experts and administer certification exams at the end of each course. Our ISO trainers are also certified as either Lead Implementers and/or Lead Auditors and have been through an extremely rigorous selection process. Including their ISO certification, our trainers hold multiple Masters’ Degrees and are perfectly bilingual or trilingual which helps them to adapt to the needs and preferences of participants. Our trainers are extremely flexible as we welcome a wide and diverse group of executives coming from different cultures and backgrounds.


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Enterprise​ Re-engineering
Providing guidance and roadmaps for the way
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including strengths and areas to improve.
The technical capability to enable and support the implementation of a solution and the education, knowledge transfer and training to do it right.​
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