Vulnerability Management​​
Vulnerability management is the "cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating and mitigating" software vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Management​

The discovery of new vulnerabilities every day in different technologies requires constant vigilance and built-in resilience that is best met with a Vulnerability Management Program that goes beyond individual disparate monitoring and detection processes.  A Vulnerability Management program is a process of identification, analysis, mitigation and management of known and detected weaknesses. Continuous vulnerability management is fundamental to achieving resiliency in cyber, ICT, IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (MA) security domains.

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Vulnerability Management Program can bring your organization a continued awareness of your Attack Surfaces using simple tools such as Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and Red Team Testing.  It helps you to understand threats and vulnerabilities better, determine acceptable levels of risk and stimulate action to mitigate identified vulnerabilities.

Continuous awareness is one of the most effective methods for improving the organization’s overall security posture.  Your internet connections are perpetually being scanned or targeted by malicious entities, and with new vulnerabilities being discovered every day, your attack surface is continually changing leaving your systems vulnerable.  NISKAA will help you develop a program to continually assess and mitigate the weaknesses in your systems as they are discovered and meet the challenges of doing business in tomorrow’s hostile internet environment.

NISKAA adapts a well-structured “coaching and team up” assessment to provide knowledge transfer and expertise in the use of the tools and techniques to keep your systems secure.

The technical scope of testing activities will include, but not limited to:

  • Appropriate documentation and authorizations for ongoing assessments
  • Identify your Attack surface and internet-exposed infrastructure components
  • Remote and internal access techniques to all network resources
  • A program of continuous Vulnerability and Penetration testing of internal and external networks including wired and wireless
  • Evaluating and improving employee awareness of social engineering attacks (phishing e-mail)
  • Measuring and improving your Service Centre’s incident response times
  • A remediation action plan to address and correct urgent issues identified during testing​

he purpose of the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is to identify your Attack Surface and provide you with the awareness you need to reduce it to a minimum.

NISKAA’s VA and PT teams are dedicated professionals from public and private organizational backgrounds with decades of experience and practice.  We will identify your network vulnerabilities and provide a gap analysis with recommendations to improve your current security posture. We use industry best practices, international and national standards, and proven techniques to identify your attack surface, enumerate your systems to establish your exposure, and develop a list of known or potential exploit techniques.

The benefits of VA and PT include:

  • An understanding of your network’s weaknesses, potential exploits and mitigating actions
  • Management awareness of specific and systemic cybersecurity problems
  • Help develop and build internal testing skills and expertise to operate a continuous program
  • A reality check against industry best practices for VA and PT

VA and PT use various techniques to assess potential vulnerabilities such as:

  • Probing and penetration testing of internal and externally visible infrastructure
  • Social Engineering Testing Services
  • Web application penetration testing for public customer portals
  • Security architecture and configuration assessment
  • Wireless Penetration tests
  • Clean-up after testing to ensure the target environment is not adversely impacted as a result of the testing services

ur Red Team is a group of Professional Cybersecurity Experts focused on penetration testing of different systems and can simulate a real-world targeted attack.  Their training, experience and expertise in simulating the behaviour and anticipating the steps of an attacker will give you the help you need to understand your exploitable attack surface and the threat that is posed to your organization. They will explore the defenses that are built into your organization’s infrastructure to help you detect, prevent, and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Members of our Red team possess certification in SCADA, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and SANS Institute Wireless Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Defense and are highly skilled in network and security system monitoring.

What we can do for you:

  • Test your real-time incident response capabilities
  • Discover weakness in your development and testing workflows and procedures
  • Conduct a deep health-check of the robustness of your cybersecurity posture
  • Help give decision-makers an awareness of security issues in systems and applications
  • Investigate whether your critical data is at risk and assess your security controls against realistic attacks
  • Provide technical and non-technical descriptions of identified vulnerabilities along with their inherent business risks and provide recommendations for improvement
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