Cybersecurity Program
In this era of cyber insecurity, organizations must understand and demonstrate their cybersecurity services’ strength.
Cybersecurity Program

From initial security planning through policy and procedure development, implementation, assessment, certification and network operations monitoring, we meet your corporate security objectives. ​

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he key benefit of a Capability Maturity Assessment service is the independent measurement of your security position in relation to your peers. It provides you with a benchmark with which you can make more informed decisions for moving the security yardstick.  Our methodology places each of the security domains in one of 5 levels:

Level 1 –Initial​​
Processes or functions are ad hoc, disorganized or chaotic and/or issues exist and need to be addressed.

Level 2- Repeatable​​
Processes or functions follow a regular pattern​​
Developed to the stage where similar procedures are followed by different people undertaking the same task​​

Level 3- Defined​​
Processes or functions have been recognized and procedures have been standardized, documented and communicated through training​​.

Level 4 – Managed​​
Processes or functions have now been fully recognized and accepted throughout IT​​.

Level 5 – Optimized​​
Leading practices are followed and automated.​

This assessment measures your organization’s “cybersecurity maturity” against the applicable standards and industry best practices. You can then use these measurements to quantify your progress against previous assessments to determine your cyber resiliency and identify gaps for future improvement. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will help you track the improvements and guide your strategic decision making and use of limited resources.

  • A clear picture of your current Security Maturity Level.​
  • Visibility into your largest security gaps
  • A roadmap with actionable recommendations and clear priorities to optimize your security investments

our security architecture design needs to meet your unique requirements and goals and we will help you define a suitable architecture that is robust, resilient and minimizes risks.  We will guide your architecture development efforts to provide the best IT security design for the least cost while ensuring that you meet your contractual, legislative and regulatory requirements for data protection.  We make sure that your networks maintain integrated security controls that protect Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.  Where not driven by your own corporate policies, we tailor architecture designs based on the ISO/IEC 27033: 2015 standard, network design best practices.

Our professional architects and designers will tailor the most suitable design to meet your business requirements and ensure you benefit by:​

  • Providing end-to-end network robustness and stability
  • Protecting your network infrastructure against attacks
  • Isolating threats and vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring network resiliency high availability

nformation security governance is the management of tools, personnel and business processes to ensure that business operations can continue without incident. It requires organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, performance measurement, defined tasks, and oversight mechanisms. Our cybersecurity governance services are designed to integrate with your corporate processes and allow your organization to focus on alignment with your business strategies instead of being constantly overshadowed by network attacks or data leaks. It also provides for awareness of cybersecurity regulations, policies, processes, standardizations, compliance and informs decision makers for strategic planning.

These key components play a crucial roles in shaping your security posture and crucial for long-term success. They are:​

  • Organizational structure
  • Work culture
  • Security awareness programs​
  • Cybersecurity governance ​

The benefits of Security Governance Strategy and Policy services are improved 3 to 5 years business case and financial planning while creating trusted relationships and development of effective communications with internal and external partners, stakeholders and customers.

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