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‘NISKAA believes in the importance of community’
About Niskaa

To help steer Organizations into tomorrow’s business environments through Standards Compliance and Best Business Practices and provide world-class client-centric solutions and services.

To be Europe’s top-performing Cybersecurity and business standards leader for Public and Private Sector Organizations.

  • …in the value of each person
  • …in the importance of community
  • …in going above and beyond expectations
  • …that security should enable your business, not impede it
  • …that the future should be planned for and embraced, not feared
  • …in empowering clients, not in creating a dependency

NISKAA provides services for ISO and other international and national business and cybersecurity standards. We provide planning, implementation and in-service support services to help your company assess and understand your current standards maturity and help you work towards and maintain your business goals. We have the technical knowledge, expertise and experience to enable and support your cybersecurity or business process needs and we provide the education and training to help your staff do it right. We also offer tailored, highly focused and contextualized cybersecurity education for senior management and executives to understand their own specific cyber environment.

NISKAA Group provides Cybersecurity, Business Process and Training Services to take you from initial concept right through to operation and certification.
Our desired goal for you
the Scale in your Favour

We focus on the security and business threats that are most likely to affect you. All of our services are custom tailored to your organization’s needs.

from our Expertise

We think cybersecurity. We breathe business process standards. We live best business practices. We give tailored, highly focused and contextualized services.

for the Future

We offer a wide array of standards training and business services to help you meet the requirements of today while ensuring you are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.​

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