ISO Certification Management
Professional implementation, auditing and certification to meet your business needs
Corporate ISO
‘NISKAA believes that the future should be planned for and embraced, not feared’

ISO Certification gives your company recognition that you care about protecting your relationship with your clients, and confidence that you are operating at a higher level than your non-certified competitors.

Your corporate managers can be assured that their business processes are among the best in the industry and that the information the company handles is as secure as it can be.  Your employees are more productive through standardized procedures and are more invested in the company because they know they are among the best in the industry.  Your clients appreciate your investment in the security of their information, and your commitment to good business practices.  Once certified, you can add the certification credentials to your marketing materials and let the world know that you are at the top of your industry.

Since ISO does not perform certification audits or issue certificates, we work with the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) to ensure that you achieve the Certification that you want and need.

The NISKAA Group Certified team provides qualified end-to-end ISO Certification Management and expertise. Our ISO-certified Lead Implementers and Lead Auditors will steer your organization towards your goal of ISO certification and help you achieve each step along the way. At NISKAA, we have expertise in most ISO Standards, and we will help you achieve  your management goals.

NISKAA provides services for planning, training, implementation, and internal and external auditing services for your management systems. We employ the International Standard process framework as prescribed by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which incorporates the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. The PDCA cycle ensures that your organizational processes are adequately resourced and managed and that they are geared towards successful re-certification as required by the individual standards.

  • Enumerate the legal, contractual and business requirements of your organization
  • Assess and understand your current business maturity, your strengths and potential for improvement
  • Define the scope and boundaries within which the management system and certification audit will be contained, and the and high-level policy to achieve it
  • Prepare a roadmap to achieving your goal, and the integration of the processes needed
  • Develop a Risk Management framework to assess the risks to the organization that includes:
    • Measurement gauges and metrics
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • corrective actions for measured non-performance
    • Processes for improvement
  • Document and report on the findings to indicate the gaps to certification
  • Provide advisory or technical services to enable and support the implementation of the solution
  • Continually monitor the gaps to certification, and maintain a direct path to certification
  • Advise on, or create the appropriate necessary policies, processes and procedures, and document management capabilities
  • Continually monitor measurements and improvements as implementation progresses
  • Provide awareness materials and training for management, staff and stakeholders
  • Provide knowledge transfer and training to your staff to successfully operate and maintain your newly certified processes and systems
  • Conduct an internal audit of your management system by our certified lead auditors
  • Prepare audit reports and advise you on correcting nonconformities
  • Review and maintain the gap analysis developed during your implementation
  • Prepare management briefings and reviews
  • Prepare and deliver necessary training for continued certification
  • Actively participate and engage with you in obtaining your certification

iso Certification management


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