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Can your business take orders over the internet? Can you digitally sign requisitions or statements? Are you able to trade confidential documents with your partners over lines owned by a third party? ​You should be free to use today’s technology without having to close the doors to your clients and suppliers. You need to eliminate unauthorized access, whether it be hackers looking to deface your web presence or even corporate espionage while maintaining the ability to do business.​

‘NISKAA believes in empowering clients, not in creating a dependency’

This program includes a high-level cybersecurity gap analysis, assessments, road maps development and an organizational review to measure its ability to protect and defend itself against cyber threats and attacks.

Risk Management

A process of identifying, assessing, and controlling all possible risks and threats to an organization’s assets and earnings. These threats, or risks, could be created from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, management errors, accidents or disasters.​


A process of automating the vulnerability management lifecycle including the identification, analysis, mitigation and management of the vulnerabilities. Continuous vulnerability management is fundamental to achieve resiliency in cyber, ICT, IoT and Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (MA) security domains.​


A critical component for a cybersecurity program. Organizations such as ISO, ENISA, NIST, BSI, issued rules and standards to drive organizations to meet international cybersecurity requirements. Regulators in most countries created certain regulations, rules, policies and processes for the purposes of establishing a compliance framework governing the cyber domain.

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