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About Niskaa Group

We exist … through in-depth understanding of our clients’ current issues and vital continual improvements. By engaging our services, we empower our clients to operate their business securely by offering the highest quality and value in cybersecurity services and solutions.​

We want … to be Europe’s most client-centric cybersecurity company, where clients obtain tailored end-to-end solutions and services. ​


  • …in the value of each person
  • …in the importance of community
  • …in delivering incomparable services above and beyond expectations
  • …that security should enable your business, not strangle it
  • …that the future should be planned for and embraced, not feared
  • …in empowering clients, not in creating a dependency

Niskaa provides planning, implementation and certification services for all of our solution. Our planning services help you assess and understand your current state including strengths and areas to improve and will provide guidance on the way forward. After the planning, in collaboration with your organization, we provide the technical expertise and capabilities to enable and support the implementation of a solution and the education and training to do it right. We offer tailored, highly focused and contextualized cybersecurity education for senior management and executives to understand their own specific cyber environment as well as offer certification of your organization and your employees.​

Niskaa Group provides Cybersecurity Programs, Risk Management, Vulnerability Management and Compliance Services from initial planning and assessment, through implementation onto certification.
Our desired goal for you
Tip the Scales in your Favour

We focus on the threats that are most likely to target you. All of our services are custom tailored to your organization and needs.

See the Whole Picture

We think business cybersecurity. We offer tailored, highly focused and contextualized cybersecurity services with a focus on business and operational impact and risks.

Prepare for the Future

We offer a vast array of training and certification to ensure you meet the requirements of today while providing professional services to help you plan for tomorrow.​

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