Risk Management​
Business processes are streamlined, digitized and automated. This data-driven, real-time action creates more risks.
Risk Management​

With increasing risks from cyber-physical smart systems, organizations need a comprehensive approach to manage the cybersecurity operational, reputational and litigation risks to effectively secure their cyber ecosystem and their return on mitigation.  Risk Management is the process of identifying and assessing risks to critical assets from nations state, cyber criminals and insider threats. N ISKAA’s Risk Management expertise spans various standards.  Our Risk Management program includes the following services:

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ecurity Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) also known as Certification and Accreditation (C&A), is a multi-step process that ensures the security of ICT.  As part of the IT Security Risk management lifecycle approach, SA&A is critical to ensuring security by design, security in depth and ensuring that Information Security is enforced throughout a system’s life cycle.

Assessment is the process of evaluating and testing cybersecurity control design and the implementation of controls to identify any deficiencies. The goal of Assessment is to ensure that the security posture of a system matches the institutions standards, regulations and practices and adequately secures the system according to the levels of protection required.  It ensures that all other systems on the network are not impacted or weakened by new systems coming online.

Authorization is the process of accepting the outstanding risks associated with the operation of a system and allowing the system to connect to  the network and operate for a specified period with or without conditions.

The benefits of following an established SA&A process are:

  • Protects information against compromise
  • Essential to understanding and operating with risk
  • Consistent approach to Information Security as your business grows
  • Continued security as you add new systems to your networks
  • Compliance with IT Security requirements for many governments and large companies
  • Credibility and recognition for contracting processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction in your quality products and services

o company has an unlimited budget for IT Security.  It is essential therefore, that you understand what your risks are so you can make informed decisions to maximize your ROI and minimize your risks.

Network attacks are continually more prevalent and even the best prepared companies are subject to an information breach.  Governments around the world are requiring companies to implement better IT Security systems without specifying how that should be done.  The EU’s GDPR, for example, requires companies to secure personal information without specifying any metrics or limits as a guide to what is sufficient under the law.  Companies must proactively identify their weaknesses and minimize the risk to their information stores as a measure of compliance.  A Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) is an industry accepted way of identifying where your security dollars are best spent to comply with regulations, minimize your operating risk and maximize the dollars you have available for other business interests.

NISKAA’s Risk Assessment team together has decades of experience in different TRA methodologies and certifications in established Risk Assessment standards.

Our team will help you assess the business value (BV) of your assets, identify the threats that are specific to your systems, assess the weaknesses or vulnerabilities of your technologies and processes, quantify the level of each individual risk and provide you with recommendations to reduce the risk. Your management can then make more effective spending decisions with limited budgets, maximize information protections and minimize your business exposure to the negative impacts of an information breach.

The biggest benefits of TRAs include:

  • Regulatory compliance: Show that your company meets its regulatory and contractual obligations
  • Effectiveness: Assurance that your limited security dollars are best spent
  • Increased Awareness: Shows your employees that your company is serous about security
  • Mitigate Future Risks: Prepares your company to deal with attacks and minimize the outcome
  • Efficiency: Less focus on potential security incidents means more focus on business operations

ll corporations and organization that are either data controllers or data processors of EU residents, nationally or internationally, are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/20161 (GDPR).

GDPR is bringing about a new level of transparency in data collection, storage and usage. It requires you to maintain up to date business processes and technologies to protect personal information and understand where that information is held at all times.

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and a ‘privacy by design’ approach are essential components of ensuring compliance with the GDPR. The PIA helps you to understand the organizational and operational requirements of the GDPR and identifies where gaps exist in your compliance.  Privacy by Design ensures that your organization considers privacy protection issues from end-to-end in your business projects.  Together, these concepts give you assurance that you are meeting the requirements of the GDPR.

Our analysis and compliance services will give you confidence that you are meeting all the legal requirements for data privacy and help you eliminate negative privacy issues.


ompanies need to understand the Business Value (BV) of its assets and the impacts that it will suffer in the event of a compromise.

A Sensitivity Analysis forms the basis for identifying what assets you need to protect. It helps you assess the value of your information, business process and technology assets and the negative impacts if they are compromised by accident or intentionally.  It analyses the Confidentiality (C), Integrity (I) and Availability (A) of the assets, allowing you to categorize them according to their BV.  The subsequent Security Categorization allows you to classify them according to level of protections required. Some situations such as SCADA, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence /Machine learning focus, also assess the injury to public Safety (S) and the potential Financial (F) injury.

Conducting this assessment is the heart of an effective strategy to protect against attacks and threats. This assessment will help to:​

  • Quantify the BV of critical assets, including systems, data and applications
  • Identify business impacts of compromised critical assets
  • Classify assets by sensitivity, allowing for consistent protection measures wherever they are used
  • Provides the basic information needed for a risk assessment

hese include measures taken to protect systems, buildings and related supporting infrastructure against threats associated with their physical environment. Physical and environmental safeguards are critical to protecting a company’s assets at all locations where information is held, processed or collected.  With the introduction of cloud technologies, Internet of the Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and internet aware SCADA systems to the infrastructure domain, traditional physical security approach is no longer sufficient.

NISKAA has developed an expertise in assessing physical security of IoT, AI and SCADA state-of-the-art systems.  We do this through a systematic approach to service protection using a methodology of Identify, Protect, Respond and Recover for safeguarding critical infrastructure.  We help protect your Smart Systems from cybersecurity espionage, sabotage, theft, trespassing and terrorism.

Keeping your infrastructure secure is an active task that never ends.

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